Term and condition

Here are terms and condition and the other beneficial travel tips should be known by our costumer who is using our tour service.

1 How to book

if you are interested and want to book Our tour service, please feel free sending to us a message through Our company’s email, hot line number, or wa messenger. If your reservation has received, we’ll book it, and there would be an official re-confirmation would be sent it to you immediately.

Company’s email : info@exotickomodotours.com

Hot line, to Fred +6281 236 362 243

+6282 144 018 606

Wa messenger +6281 236 362 243

2 The payment method and the transaction.

The payment system or the transaction should be done by cash in Indonesian Rupiah, or other foreign currencies, such as : IDR, USD, EUR, and it will automatically be converted in to the current exchange rate of Our local Bank or money changer.

Here is the bank account as the payment transaction process that you could send to:


Account number 3835 - 01 -015610 – 53 – 1


Swift code BRINIDJA

noted : due to our credit card machine is being proceed, therefore, we would like to say sorry for not being possible to pay with credit card.

3 The cancellation policies

We really hope, please read these regulations before finalizing your reservation

Up to 25 days arrival will not charge

From 25 to 20 days prior to arrival will charge 25% of the price

From 19 to 10 days will charge 50% of the price

Within 10 days to arrival will charge 100% of the price.

4 Flores accommodations

The trips to komodo or flores island are based on adventure, so, during the trip will overnight at home stay, non star hotel or small hotel, at the villager’s house or on the boat for komodo tour. but in other town, like in Labuan bajo has good hotel with fantastic ocean view.

5 Bali accommodations

For Bali trip, we made tour packages combined with Komodo dragon packages tours. But when doing Bali trip, the tours conditions are not included with the accommodation. Why? In Bali there are many hotel choices, so, it is good for you to choose the best based on your budgeting.

6 insurance

To our beloved costumer, we do not cover you with insurance. We do hope, our beloved customers should have own insurance or reliable insurance in your country.

7 Things to bring during trip to komodo and Flores

Komodo and Flores tours are based on adventure. So, we suggest to our beloved customers to bring some important things which support your travel, such as: cash money, sport shoes or trekking shoes, camera, jacket, change of cloth, medicines supports or other things which unwritten here.

8 Liabilities

As a tour agent which only has a capacity in handling and organizing tours, providing the accommodation and the transportation, therefore, to our beloved customers, we will not responsibility for the accidental things which occurring beyond touring programs, such as: loss, damage, changes of flight schedule, delays, flight cancellation, irregularities of flight or other additional expenses caused by sudden event that also beyond of our control, like natural disaster, accident or political conflict. In this case, we do the best to overcome it by seeking the alternative choice to remove your travel as soon as possible into other arrangement without lessen its tours program.

9 have a nice trip with us!