Exotic Komodo Tours

Exotic komodo tours as the local tour operator which offer eco culture and adventure tours The place named flores is an authentic beautiful island and the culture is traditional in their way of life. As a local tour operator, we do understand what are the best tourist spots to be visited in komodo island and flores island.

What flores look like :

Flores Island can be described as having fantastic panoramic views. There are mountains, golden beaches with one beach that is actually pink! It also has a beautiful rice field, a colored lake called kelimutu, the traditional house called wae rebo, and bena village which is famous for the friendly people. The exotic Rinca and Komodo Island is the home of the komodo dragon and a waterfall surrounded by forest, and the local people are very welcoming to tourists.

Our aim:

We want to change the lives of the flores people by promoting international tourism of our beautiful island as so many flores people are currently working away. This is due to not enough promotion for Flores as a beautiful tourist destination in Indonesia.We would be grateful for your support in helping to progress tourism in flores.

In developing and expanding our company, we will carefully select staff and provide training in excellent customer service. We can provide tour packages to meet our customer’s specific needs and requests with an emphasis on eco culture and adventure tours.

The founder background :

I am originally from Flores Island and I have been working in the tourism industry since 2009 in Bali, following my University degree. Since then I have worked as a tour consultant and an English guide. I travel all over Bali Island and also to komodo flores island, and sometimes I travel to Java with tourists as their personal guide.