Wae Rebo Eco Village tours 4 Days 3 Nights

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January 18, 2017
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Wae Rebo Eco Village tours 4 Days 3 Nights


Wae Rebo Eco Village tours 4 Days 3 Nights

wae rebo eco village tour is bring you to see the exotic traditional houses of manggarai. Wae rebo traditional house has bee rewarded as one the world heritage by UNESCO. The exotic village of wae rebo is because the hospitality of its people and the culture or the tradition still respected by them. You will be welcomed with ritual ceremony when entering the village and interact with the people intimately. Here are wae rebo eco village tours.

Day1, Bali – Labuan Bajo – Denge

Your trip will start from Bali Island. We pick you up at hotel and bring you to Ngurah Rai Airport to get your flight to Labuan Bajo. Arrive in Labuan Bajo Airport, Our guide welcoming you and giving some information about your trip, and take you to the local restaurant for lunch. Afterward, continue drive to Dintor village for 6 hours and overnight here or overnight at home stay in Denge village.

Day 2, Dintor / Denge Village – Wae rebo village

After morning breakfast, continue the trip to Wae Rebo. To reach Wae Rebo by walking with passing the tropical forest for 3hours. Wae rebo is the manggaaraian traditional house and it has been rewarded by UNESCO as one of the unique house and culture. Wae Rebo is very isolated and it is surrounded by the mountain and the people are living based on culture. The people are very welcoming to the tourist, and you can interact with them and also see what their daily activities and how they survive the live. Dinner and overnight at the villager house with sleeping on mattress.

Day 3, Wae Rebo - Labuan Bajo ( sleep at Hotel)

After morning breakfast, back to Waelomba and will take lunch in Denge. Afterward, the trip continues to Labuan Bajo and stop in some places for photograph. Arrive in Labuan Bajo, direct to do check in Hotel.

Day 4, Labuan Bajo – Bali

Spend your quality time with relaxing at hotel before transferring to the airport and flight back to Bali. Arrive in Bali, the driver welcoming you and drop off hotel.

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