Padar Komodo and snorkeling safari tour in one day

Komodo Padar One Day Tour
November 24, 2017

Padar Komodo and snorkeling safari tour in one day

Padar Komodo and snorkeling safari tour in one day trip with private wooden boat

this komodo padar tour takes you to visit the top highlights of tourims spots in komodo national park with best combination such as snorkeling and seeing the komodo dragon. The trip starts and finish in Labuan Bajo. Minimum booking are 2 people.

The places which you visit for this trip are:

  • Padar Island, ( trekking activity to enjoy the its view )
  • Komodo National park, ( trekking to see the komodo dragon )
  • Pink Beach, ( snorkeling activity )
  • Manta Point, ( see manta and snorkeling )
  • Kanawa Island. ( snorkeling activity )

Tour explanation:

pick up time at the Hotel in Labuan Bajo at 4.30 am. With our Guide then go to the pier of Labuan Bajo. With local wooden boat you will sail to padar. In padar you will do trekking to the summit of Padar Island. The view on the top of padar is amazing. Continue sailing to komodo national park to see the komodo dragon. Your activity in komodo island beside see the komodo dragon, you also will do trekking and see the others habitat such as the bird, and the deer. Then, sail to pink beach for snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful of its unique sand it is pink color. Sailing to manta point also for snorkeling and seeing the attraction of Manta Rai fish. The other snorkeling place is Kanawa Island. Sail back to Labuan bajo and drop off hotel will be provided.

see the pictures of the spot you visit below;

Price :

$175/ Person

  • minimum 2 people
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